IIFSE has been consistently conducting NEBOSH[national examination board for occupational safety and health] IGC [ International general certification level-3] and NEBOSH International –Diploma Level-6 Trainings at a high percentage of success rate. IGC Level 3 course is applicable from workmen to foreman or supervisors dealing with all the aspects of basic safety including the Safety Management systems. While Level -6 international Diploma is for safety professionals, middle management, higher up in the level of managers and senior managers, safety advisors. The successful candidates become Grad IOSH.

Brief About Course

What is NEBOSH ?

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health) is an U.K Based Independent Examination board offering Vocational qualifications in Health and safety , environmental Sectors.

What are all the Qualifications Offered by NEBOSH ?

Qualifications in health and safety depends on the number of factors and each course is designed with real industrial issues, and level of competence required for the designation in mind.

Some of Popular & Important NEBOSH Qualifications offered by NEBOSH are,

  • NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC)
  • NEBOSH International Diploma (IDipNEBOSH)

Which NEBOSH Course is Best for You?

​T​he choice of course is depends on number of factors like,
  • Your Basic Qualifications
  • Your years of experience in HSE
  • Your Objectives and Purpose of Choosing Qualifications
  • The Requirement of the Company you are Preferring
  • The Sectors you are willing to work with Etc Etc.

Which covers ,

  • Design of fire detectors and alarm
  • Design &  Installation of automatic suppression systems
  • Design of compartmentalization and fire plan for an building or industry etc etc.

Do Freshers Can take NEBOSH IGC?

NEBOSH Have not set any Criteria for taking a NEBOSH IGC, anyone can choose, but make sure before you are selecting your NEBOSH IGC with any course provider.

NEBOSH Qualifications are designed with the real-time workplace in mind and it contains full of examples in each section, which can ease your understanding.
If You worry about the syllabus, examination methods and way of passing It, Don’t worry, Our NEBOSH Courses Approved Trainers will guide you out of it


Unit IG1: Management of health and safety

Unit IG2: Risk Assessment

The Syllabus for UNIT wise as follows

Mode of Study

All our National Government approved fire and safety courses are designed with custom needs of every individual’s.

You can select the Fire and safety programmer in different modes,

  • Regular Mode
  • Distance Education
  • Part time